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3 – Fees and League Finances

ZLL registration fees seem high, where does all that money go? Does the ZLL board get paid?

Player registration fees are used to cover the following expenses incurred by Zionsville Little League:

  • Uniforms
  • Team equipment
  • Game baseballs
  • Umpire fees
  • Park/field maintenance and improvement

ZLL’s biggest expense is the upkeep of Lions Park from the months of March through October. Lions Park is privately owned by the Lions’ Club and jointly maintained by ZLL and the Lions’ Club.  Most youth baseball and softball leagues play at a public park and are not responsible for the park maintenance and everyday upkeep. If you are interested in the financials, please refer to our yearly budget.

ZLL board positions are strictly volunteer based and are not paid positions.


2 – Volunteering

How can I become more involved in ZLL?

ZLL is always in need of managers, assistant coaches, and team parents. During registration, you’ll be given the option to volunteer for those positions. Team managers are board approved and are notified of their selection prior to evaluations so that the approved managers can assist in those evaluations.

Also, ZLL board elections occur every year in September. Please approach a current board member for more information regarding your interest in volunteering.

4 – Equipment and gear

What kind of bat can my child use for baseball or softball?

Zionsville Little League follows the bat rules established by Little League International.  Wood, metal, and some composite bats are allowed, but these bats must meet specific Little League requirements for length, diameter, and performance specifications.  We strongly recommend you consult with Little League International’s rules before purchasing a new bat.  The rules page includes the bat specifications.  It is very important that you check the list of approved composite bats if you want to use a composite bat.  The best resource for you is the Little League International Bat Resource Page.

5 – Practices and games

When are practices and games?

Practices for the spring rec season begin in mid-to-late March, depending on the weather.  Games begin in mid-April, usually on the second or third weekend of April.  The spring rec season lasts until its conclusion with a post-season tournament that ends in mid June.  Check the ZLL Calendar for the specific dates each year.

There are no set days of the week or times for practices and games.  We often have more teams than fields available which makes it impossible to give each team a specific date and time each week for practices.  Most teams will practice once or twice per week before the games begin.  Once games begin, practices are less frequent – perhaps once every two weeks.  Some teams schedule practices at locations other than Lions’ Park to get more practice time in.

Teams typically play 12 to 15 games per season.  Usually there will be one game for a team during the week and one game on each Saturday.  Weekday games begin at 5:30 or 6 pm.  Saturday games start as early as 10 am and will run all day.

Practice and game schedules will provided by each team’s coach.  They are also posted on the web site under the Calendar tab as Game Schedules.

Registration, Evaluation, and Team Assignments

What is “Little League Age” and How do I determine it?

“Little League Age” describes a baseball or softball players age for eligibility to play at different levels of Little League.

Note: ZLL does not have a tee ball program for 4-5 years olds, ZLL programs start at 6 years old. For information regarding tee ball in the Zionsville area go to the Boys and Girls Club website,

2016 Little League Age Chart
FOR BASEBALL DIVISION (Softball information is below)

Match month (top line) and box with year of birth. League age indicated at right.

2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2009 2009 2009 2009 6
2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2008 2008 2008 2008 7
2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2008 2007 2007 2007 2007 8
2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2006 2006 2006 2006 9
2006 2006 2006 2006 2006 2006 2006 2006 2005 2005 2005 2005 10
2005 2005 2005 2005 10
2005 2005 2005 2005 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 11
2004 2004 2004 2004 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 2003 12
2003 2003 2003 2003 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 13
2002 2002 2002 2002 2001 2001 2001 2001 2001 2001 2001 2001 14
2001 2001 2001 2001 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 15
2000 2000 2000 2000 1999 1999 1999 1999 1999 1999 1999 1999 16
1999 1999 1999 1999 1998 1998 1998 1998 1998 1998 1998 1998 17
1998 1998 1998 1998 1997 1997 1997 1997 1997 1997 1997 1997 18

For more information about Little League age determination for baseball, go to:

Softball age determination

Softball age determination does not change.  For softball players, Little League age is based on the player’s age as of December 31 before the Little League season.  For example, if a child is 11 years old on December 31, 2015, then that child is 11 years old for the 2016 Little League softball season.

Little League International has an age calculator you can use to determine your child’s Little League age.

Can I request my player be with a certain coach or other player?

Softball players aged 9-12 and baseball players aged 9-13 are drafted onto teams after evaluations. No players are assigned to a manager’s team except for that manager’s daughter or son prior to the draft.

Softball and baseball players aged 6-8 are blindly distributed to teams based on evaluation scores. A manager may designate one parent as an assistant coach and that daughter or son will be assigned to that manager’s team.

Where do I have to live to play in Zionsville Little League?

You may play in Zionsville Little League if your child meets the residency requirements for Zionsville Community School system – you live inside the borders of the ZCS system.  A map of the ZCS system is available here.

You may also play in ZLL if you attend a private school that is physically located inside the boundaries of the ZCS system.

Please note that Trader’s Point Christian Church is outside the ZCS system boundaries.  Children who live outside the ZLL/ZCS system boundaries and attend Trader’s Point Christian Church are not eligible to play in ZLL.

If you do not live within the ZLL boundaries or attend a school within the ZLL boundaries, but would like to play in ZLL, please contact the ZLL Player Agent at

The complete rules for player residency and school attendance are described on the Little League International web site .


If my child is too young for Little League, where can they play T-ball?

Zionsville Little League does not operate a T-ball program for younger children.  A player must be at least 6 years old by Little League age to play in ZLL.  The Boys and Girls Club of Zionsville (BAGCOZ) operates a T-ball program that plays games on ZLL’s fields at Lions Park.  For more information about the BAGCOZ T-ball program visit

Our Little League programs are available to softball players who are at least 6 years old by December 31 of the preceding calendar year and baseball players who are at least 6 years old by August 31 of the calendar year of the baseball season.

Can I get I refund if my child withdraws from the league

Zionsville Little League provides the following refund policy when a child is withdrawn from the program.  This policy applies only to the Rec program and not Showcase.

1. If the player withdraws or quits before team selection, a 100% refund will be provided (minus a $10 administrative fee).

2. If the player withdraws or quits after team selection and prior to the fourth scheduled game, a 50% refund will be allowed (minus a $10 administrative fee).

3. If the player withdraws or quits after the fourth scheduled game, NO Refund will be allowed.


Please email the ZLL Player Agent at when requesting a refund.

How do I decide which player pitch division is right for my baseball player?

Many parents of baseball players in our player pitch divisions (ages 9 through 13) wonder which division is right for their child.

For the Minors, Majors and the 50/70 (officially known as “Intermediate”) ZLL allows players over a range of ages to play at the different levels.  Details about the age ranges and the objectives of the divisions are described on the ZLL web site at

The decision where a child plays is a combination of the parents and ZLL.  The parents decide which level or levels you have your player evaluate for (you may evaluate for more than one level), and ZLL determines, through a drafting process, which level your child will actually play at.

When parents determine which level (or levels) to have their child evaluate for, the parents should consider a variety of factors including:

  • The child’s age
  • How the child’s skill levels compare to the probable skill levels of players in that division
  • The desire to play with friends from school (i.e. in the same grade)
  • Potential selection to All-Star teams
  • Likelihood of being selected in a draft if playing “up” with older players.  Each division fills teams using a draft.  If your child isn’t selected in the draft for the division in which they evaluated, they will be drafted in a lower division.  Every child is selected in the draft – no one is left out.
  • ZLL or Little League International do have some age based restrictions.  9 year olds can only play in minor in ZLL.  13 year olds can only play in 50/70.  For 10, 11 and 12 year olds, there is a choice.

Before your player attends an evaluation session, you should consider these factors.  If you have any questions, please consult with ZLL Board members or prior coaches you may have had in previous years.

What happens if my player misses evaluations?

While not absolutely mandatory to attend evaluations, it is important for families to have their players participate in evaluations.  The evaluation results create the information the league uses to form teams.  If your player is unable to participate in evaluations, they will nonetheless be assigned to a team.

Missing the evaluations makes it harder for your son or daughter to be appropriately selected or placed on a team, or even placed in the most appropriate division (level of competition).  For example, baseball players in ages 9-13, players are drafted onto teams by team managers using the results of the evaluations.  If a player misses evaluations, he or she risks being drafted into a division that is out of sync with their skills and athletic ability.  For example, an 11 year old player who is capable of playing in the Majors division might end up being assigned to a Minors division team if they miss the evaluations.

For players 6-8 years old, teams are created by the league by blindly distributing players based on skills and athletic ability demonstrated during the evaluation process.  This approach is designed to create as fair of a distribution of players as possible.

If you cannot reasonably participate in evaluations, please contact the ZLL Player Agent at


My son is a solid player, and we’re disappointed he was not drafted into the division he evaluated. Can he be moved up to the higher division?

ZLL does not honor requests to move players up to higher divisions. All players are required to undergo evaluations. Evaluation scores are used by managers in the 50/70, Majors, and Minors divisions to draft their teams. If your son was not selected into the division that you expected, it is likely he did not score as high at evaluations compared to his peers.

ZLL is confident in our evaluation process and understand disappointment is common in this situation. We encourage you to be supportive of your son and see this as an opportunity for him to pitch, catch, and play the infield positions that he likely would not be playing in the higher division.

I live outside of ZLL boundaries (Zionsville Community Schools boundaries). Can my player play at ZLL?

This answer starts with a question. Do you live in another little league’s boundaries? If your address is within another little league’s boundaries, Little League International requires that your player play at that little league. A waiver can be submitted to the District Administrator, but ZLL has been told that these waivers are only approved when special circumstances are involved. If you’d like to apply for this waiver, please contact the ZLL Player Agent.

*Special Note* Currently most of Carmel does not fall within another little league’s boundaries. If you live in Carmel and would like your son or daughter to play at ZLL, please contact the ZLL Player Agent.


Our child played in ZLL last season, but we’ve moved out of the ZLL boundaries. Can my child still play in ZLL?

Yes. Little League International allows players to continue to play at ZLL after moving out of the boundaries. A waiver must be completed and 3 proofs of residence provided for the prior address and current address. As long as there is not a season in which someone in your family is not playing at ZLL, your family is allowed to continue to play.

Can I request my child be placed on a team based on a particular practice and game schedule?

No. Practices and games occur on variable days throughout the season. No team will have weekday practices
and/or games on a consistent day of the week.

My daughter is 11 years old. Why are you saying my daughter is a 10 year old?

Little League International sets the birthdate cutoff for softball.

The softball birthdate cutoff is December 31st. The age of your softball player on December 31st is the age your player is considered for the following season. So, if your daughter was 10 years old on December 31, 2015,  and turned 11 on January 15, 2016, she would be 10 years old for the 2016 Little League Softball season.

My player is 5 years old and turns 6 years old after the birthdate cutoff for the upcoming season. My player is very advanced for his/her age, can he/she sign up for Little League this season?

Unfortunately, no.

Little League International dictates the ages are allowed to play baseball or softball at ZLL. Players must be 6 years old on the applicable cutoff date The Boys and Girls Club of Zionsville has an Advanced T-Ball program that is a good step up from Beginner T-ball. We encourage you to contact the Boys and Girls Club regarding this program at

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