ZLL Board of Directors

The Zionsville Little League Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers from the community.

The Board of Directors is elected each September.  Any person who has served as a volunteer for ZLL may be nominated to serve as a Board member.

The Board of Directors meets regularly on the second Monday of each month at 7 pm in the Lions’ Club clubhouse.

Our current Board of Directors is listed below.


Position Name Phone
President Greg Williams 418-5064
Executive VP Peter Huber 716-9514
Secretary Liz Ellis 701-6837
Treasurer Andy Belser  
League Information Officer Bernie Paul 873-2892/730-1939
Player Agent Ben McAfee  
Safety Officer Mike Rinebold  
VP Softball Bill Reid 997-5895
VP Coach Pitch Baseball (6-8 year olds) Bruce Kelley  
VP Player Pitch Baseball (9-12 year olds) Steve Connor 250-6706
VP Baseball 13 and over Steve Connor 250-6706
VP Maintenance Randy Judd  
Player Development Officer – Softball Troy Goodman 695-1728
Player Development Officer – Baseball Marc Lynn 873-5504
Umpire Officer Brad Redman  
Sponsorship Officer Mike Irk  
Uniforms Officer Carrie Barnes  
Equipment Officer Eric Essley  
Special Events Coordinator Brooks Davis  
Fund Raising Coordinator Jay Baker  695-3048


 Board Meeting Minutes