League Commissioners

Commissioner Responsibilities

January 30, 2001


The league commissioners are responsible to run and organize their individual divisions (i.e. Jr., Major A, Major B, etc.) within Zionsville Little League (ZLL). All commissioners are volunteers and work in conjunction with the Vice President of Baseball or Softball. Commissioners cannot manage in their own divisions or be a commissioner in a division where their child is participating.

Detailed Responsibilities

  1. Nominate potential Managers with Vice President and present to ZLL President for approval by the ZLL Board.
  2. Notify Managers of their selection and of evaluation dates and responsibilities.
  3. Organize evaluations for your division and run evaluation.
  4. Set up time for draft and run draft along with Player Agent and Vice President.
  5. Set up practice and game schedules as required (software will be master scheduler).
  6. Review master software scheduler for conflicts and/or errors.
  7. Meet with Managers to agree upon specific rules for your league.
  8. Meet with Managers periodically during the season to evaluate season,
  9. Coordinates distribution of equipment and uniforms to Managers
  10. Helps on Opening Day with players and team organization
  11. Develops post season tournament, if applicable, with brackets and schedules
  12. Coordinates return of all equipment.
  13. Communicates to Managers throughout season of news, issues, etc.
  14. Funnels all safety issues and reports to Safety Officer and President
  15. Meet with Managers and Vice President to select All Star Manager, coaches and team.
  16. Other duties as required maintaining the Little League values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play!

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