Home Run Surge Dominates Majors Pool Play

June 7, 2014 Comments Off on Home Run Surge Dominates Majors Pool Play
Home Run Surge Dominates Majors Pool Play

In order to establish seeding for the Majors and AAA baseball tournaments, ZLL used “pool play” games this week.  Each team played two games with the results and scores from those games determining the bracket for their respective tournaments.

The format brought out the best in the Majors players as 10 home runs were hit in the span of two days.

On Wednesday, the Cardinals’ Alex Michie started the fireworks display with a home run in a Cardinals victory over the Dodgers.  Michie slammed another home run on Thursday as the Cardinals prevailed over the Orioles.  Luke Davis and Max Miles of the Orioles joined in the home run binge in that game.

Also on Wednesday, Giants players Ian McBride and Ethan Watkins-Gerren smashed home runs in a loss to the Brewers.

The late game on Thursday night between the Giants and the Red Sox culminated the power surge with four home runs.  Spencer Byers and Matthew Moore smashed home runs for the Giants and Ryan Vespa and Elijah Lang both went deep for the Red Sox.  The home runs by Moore and Vespa were blasts that traveled long into the night sky.

The home run fest did not last on Friday, as the Orioles prevailed over the Dodgers without a home run, and the Brewers’ AJ Baker stymied the Red Sox with a dominating 12 strikeout pitching performance.

Overall, Majors players hit 34 home runs during the season.  The Red Sox Vespa led the Majors with 5 homers, with Michie and the Brewers Logan Rettinger close behind with 3 home runs each.

The following players hit home runs in Majors games this year.  More home run highlights for other divisions will be posted later.


  • Logan Rettinger (3)
  • AJ Baker
  • Sam Robinson


  • Alex Michie (3)
  • Brian Behrens
  • Trey Davis
  • Reid Rice


  • Cole Maxwell
  • Caden Sutton


  • Spencer Byers (2)
  • Jacob Bedinger (2)
  • Ian McBride
  • Matthew Moore
  • Ethan Watkins-Gerren


  • Luke Davis (2)
  • Billy Busse
  • Max Miles

Red Sox

  • Ryan Vespa (5)
  • Nick Chisholm
  • Elijah Lang
  • Evan O’Neill
  • Andrew Paul
  • Spencer Twitchell

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