50/70 Baseball division offers higher skill and competitive option

January 6, 2013 Comments Off on 50/70 Baseball division offers higher skill and competitive option
50/70 Baseball division offers higher skill and competitive option

In an effort to offer the Zionsville community a higher level of competitive baseball, the ZLL board has approved a 50/70 pilot program for the upcoming season. In this program, players compete on a larger field with kids pitching from 50 feet (rather than traditional 46 feet) and bases 70 feet apart (rather than the traditional 60 feet).   In addition, base runners are allowed to take leads and pitchers may pickoff runners taking a lead.

Approval of the 50/70 pilot program has resulted in a restructuring of the player pitch divisions at ZLL. Coach pitch divisions will not be affected by this change. The following divisions/age groups have been established for the player pitch divisions in the 2013 season. Ages are based upon the Little League International established cut-off date of 4/30/2013.

-50/70 Division: Ages 13, 12, 11

-Majors Division: Ages 12, 11, 10

-Minors Division: Ages 10, 9

If you are registering players 11, 12, or 13 years old, ZLL is encouraging parents to consider participating in the 50/70 division. Evaluations and team drafts performed in early February will ultimately determine which division your 11 or 12 year old will participate in 2013, but we are requesting that you indicate if you’d like your player to be eligible for the 50/70 division. Please answer the question later in the registration process that refers to the 50/70 pilot program.

13 year old players now have a choice between the new 50/70 Division or Junior Division, which will continue to be played on the larger 60/90 fields.

For more information regarding the 50/70 division “modified high school” rules and regulations, please visit the Little League International website at http://www.littleleague.org/

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