2012 rec softball season underway

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2012 rec softball season underway

The 2012 recreation softball season kicked off for 18 teams on a chilly opening day in April.

Each of the three rec softball divisions features six teams.  Each team typically plays another team 3 times.

Team names and managers for the rec softball teams are as follows:


Golden Gloves   Phil Isenbarger       
Flamingos Mike Garrett
Lady Bulldogs Tom Deuschle
Dream Seam Dena Gilstrap
Screaming Eagles Pete Steiner
Orange Crush Mark Kowal


Majors schedule


Rip Tide Cathy Rheinheimer 
Blue Jays Andy Gall
Rockers Andy Pickell
Shamrocks Jeff Edwards   
Hoosiers David Gruesser
Gold Blaze Scott Bruns


Minors schedule


Drew Chaney
Brian Stewart
Justin Pepper
Troy Goodman
Dolphins Dante Fiore
Pirates Tom Beyer


Rookies schedule

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