Showcase softball

Showcase Softball is an additional opportunity for players in Zionsville Little League (ZLL) to be on a team which emulates a more ‘travel-like’ approach to having the players practice more, play additional games and tournaments, and receive advanced instruction throughout the fall, winter, spring and summer. Players must tryout for the team and pay additional fees above the normal ZLL recreational registration fees. Showcase softball coincides with the ZLL recreational season offerings. In order to play showcase softball, players must participate in the spring/summer rec league season (not the fall season) and the rec and showcase schedules will align so that both are manageable for players and parents.

Showcase evaluations are held in August with teams beginning to workout after Labor Day.

Showcase 10u & 12u will be playing in a fall league and one fall travel tournament, October into early November. The winter practices will begin in January, followed by a winter indoor league in February/March.

Showcase 8u evaluations are in October with workouts beginning in January.

All Showcase teams will play games in the spring and summer. These will include at least 2 travel tournaments as well as Sunday showcase double-headers. ZLL understands many players play other sports (ZLL encourages playing multiple sports) in the Fall and Winter but if there are no conflicts, ZLL requests players make their best effort to get to team activities as scheduled.

For any questions please contact Steve Strecker, VP Softball at

Showcase Committee: An oversight committee shall be formed consisting of sitting board members to oversee the development and implementation of the Showcase program including the VP Softball and Showcase Softball Commissioner. The Showcase Softball Commissioner will oversee the day-to-day-operations and will serve as a liaison between coaches and the oversight committee, as well as the VP Softball and ZLL Board of Directors.

Teams: Each age group ,8u through 12u, will be permitted to have (1) or (2) teams if enough players desire to participate and managers commit to leading the team. If there are enough qualified players after the evaluation process in an age group to field two teams, then 24 – 30 players may participate from each age group. Showcase games shall not interfere with ZLL recreational league scheduling.  And, ZLL insurance does not cover unaffiliated/unsanctioned tournament games.

Player Evaluations: Evaluations will occur in August, September, or October. Evaluations will be specific to age group and only players of the same age will go thru evaluations together. Evaluations may be on one or more dates as determined by the evaluation staff.  The evaluation process will include skills, drills, and possibly scrimmage game(s). The evaluation process may or may not be the same depending on player ages. The evaluation staff will make written notice to their intended age group with regard to dates, times, agendas and communicate directly with parents. The evaluation staff will provide the oversight committee, VP Softball and the Showcase Softball Commissioner a ranking of all players at the end of tryouts.

Manager selection: Each Showcase team will have one Manager. The oversight committee, VP Softball and the Showcase Softball Commissioner will discuss each Manager’s qualifications, experience and knowledge and then vote on each Manager after receiving evaluation data. The Manager, once assigned to a team, will then select their assistant coach or coaches. All managers and coaches must pass the Little League background check program and be approved by the ZLL Board of Directors.

Player selection: After the ranking reports are received from the evaluation staff; the oversight committee, VP Softball and the Showcase Softball Commissioner will then select the players for each team based on the combination of the evaluations, end of season evaluations and recommendations by recreational, showcase or All Star manager and coaches. Factors in selection will include but not be limited to ability, availability, attitude and team needs.

Player expectations: Players should make every effort to attend all workouts to learn, practice, and execute the fundamental skills of hitting, throwing, catching, base running, situational softball and all other aspects of the game. Playing in a minimum of 2 innings (6 outs) and one at bat as is the minimum game play requirement.

Parent expectations: This is a voluntary program which does not guarantee equal playing time for all players in any way similar to the recreational softball league. Playing time is determined by the Manager. He/She will determine the best batting order most conducive to scoring runs, determine the best defensive alignment according to ability, and determine when to have players pitch/catch according to ability. Any safety rules imposed by the manager must be followed, including but not limited to the wearing of facemasks during practices and games.

Financial: Parents will be required to pay an additional fee once the player is selected to the team. This will cover additional uniforms, equipment, alliance fees, and umpire fees. There may be extra  fees for entering additional tournaments.

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