Selection Information

All-Star teams exist to represent ZLL in district level and beyond tournaments leading to the Little League World Series for Major division teams. These teams must meet and follow all rules and guidelines provided by Little League International. The intent is to select the best team and manager to represent Zionsville Little League and our community in tournament play.

The All-Star experiences give players more opportunity to improve skills by continuing to play in tournaments against players with higher skill level. Participation in the Little League International sanctioned tournaments provides ZLL with the opportunity to showcase the quality of our baseball and softball programs. ZLL pays the entry fees for these tournaments. Participating on a ZLL All-Star team requires a commitment of up to an additional calendar month. This commitment typically begins on June 15th (or the conclusion of the regular season tournament) and may continue through the month of July depending on the performance and interest of the team to continue playing.

District 8 All-Star Tournament web page

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