Where do I have to live to play in Zionsville Little League?

You may play in Zionsville Little League if your child meets the residency requirements for Zionsville Community School system – you live inside the borders of the ZCS system.  A map of the ZCS system is available here.

You may also play in ZLL if you attend a private school that is physically located inside the boundaries of the ZCS system.

Please note that Trader’s Point Christian Church is outside the ZCS system boundaries.  Children who live outside the ZLL/ZCS system boundaries and attend Trader’s Point Christian Church are not eligible to play in ZLL.

If you do not live within the ZLL boundaries or attend a school within the ZLL boundaries, but would like to play in ZLL, please contact the ZLL Player Agent at playeragent@zionsvillelittleleague.org

The complete rules for player residency and school attendance are described on the Little League International web site .


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