What happens if my player misses evaluations?

While not absolutely mandatory to attend evaluations, it is important for families to have their players participate in evaluations.  The evaluation results create the information the league uses to form teams.  If your player is unable to participate in evaluations, they will nonetheless be assigned to a team.

Missing the evaluations makes it harder for your son or daughter to be appropriately selected or placed on a team, or even placed in the most appropriate division (level of competition).  For example, baseball players in ages 9-13, players are drafted onto teams by team managers using the results of the evaluations.  If a player misses evaluations, he or she risks being drafted into a division that is out of sync with their skills and athletic ability.  For example, an 11 year old player who is capable of playing in the Majors division might end up being assigned to a Minors division team if they miss the evaluations.

For players 6-8 years old, teams are created by the league by blindly distributing players based on skills and athletic ability demonstrated during the evaluation process.  This approach is designed to create as fair of a distribution of players as possible.

If you cannot reasonably participate in evaluations, please contact the ZLL Player Agent at playeragent@zionsvillelittleleague.org.


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