Coaches Field Maintenance

These are some general guidelines for coaches to follow when preparing fields before games and maintaining them after games.

The most important activity is to rake after practices and games.  Fill in the low spots around the bases, pitchers mound and batters box. Push the dirt back into the low spots with the flat side of the rake.

For fields 2,6, and 7, rake the baselines a certain way in order to prevent lip build up in the infield. Always rake the dirt away from the grass edge and start from home plate and work your way down to 1st and 3rd. When raking the plate or mound area always rake from the grass edge back to the plate or pitching rubber.  

If the fields are not maintained daily after use, they will be in bad shape by seasons midpoint. Help yourself by recruiting parents to help you and your assistant coaches. If you have enough help it should only take 10 minutes to clean up the field. 

Once the season starts the field maintenance staff will be at the park M-F all day maintaining the fields. When you get to the park for your games the fields will have been dragged and lined for you. The mounds, plate and cutout areas on the diamonds that have water access will be watered down when necessary. On the evenings during the week when there is a 2nd game those teams playing in the 2nd g ame will need to take care of lining the field.  The coaches job will be to maintain the field after the game or practice.

For Saturday and Sunday games, coaches will be responsible for lining the fields and the general upkeep of the fields. The Officer of the Day will have chalk/paint available for you to use on Saturdays. The lining machines will be located in the field 2 garage and the new score box by Fields 4, 5, 6, and 7.

If you need anything or have any concerns with regard to the fields/facilities please contact Steve Connor.

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