Zionsville Little League continues its long-standing tradition of providing concessions service to families and friends attending Little League games at Lion’s Park.  The primary concession stand is located behind home plate at Field 2.  A second stand is located behind home plate on Field 6.  The concession stand is open any day there is baseball activity at Lion’s Park.

The Zionsville Little League has contracted with D & D Concessions for operation of the League’s Concession Services for the 2016 Season.  D & D Concessions offers a variety of grilled sandwiches and traditional concession stand fare, such as soft drinks, popcorn, and candy.

D & D concessions shares a portion of its proceeds with ZLL, so purchasing food items is a fundraiser for ZLL.  We encourage families who are providing post-game snacks for their teams to purchase tickets that players may use to purchase snacks from the concession stands.

If you have questions or comments about the ZLL Concession Stands please contact David Johnson of J & W Foods at If you are interested in employment at the concession stands, also contact David.

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