Volunteers needed for ZLL Board Positions

October 6, 2016 Comments Off on Volunteers needed for ZLL Board Positions
Volunteers needed for ZLL Board Positions

Zionsville Little League is a volunteer-powered organization that serves 800+ kids every year with our spring and fall rec programs, Showcase, and All-Stars.  It takes more than 200 volunteers every year operate the league.  We couldn’t survive without the scores of team managers, coaches, and team parents who share their time with our children and take care of our crown jewel, Lions Park.

Behind the scenes of all the players, coaches, and parents contributing on the field is a 21 person board of directors that not only oversees the functioning of the league, but carries out various tasks to bring these programs to you.  The current list of ZLL Board members can be found at http://zionsvillelittleleague.org/about/board/, and a description of the board and its roles can be viewed on the ZLL web site at http://zionsvillelittleleague.org/about/board/board-duties/.

In early September, ZLL held its annual elections for the Board of Directors.  Not all positions were filled at that time.  Since the September elections we elected additional Board members and now have 17 of the 21 positions filled.  One of the unfilled positions, however, is critical to Zionsville Little League to continue functioning as a Little League affiliated organization.  Under Little League International rules, we cannot be a chartered Little League program without a Safety Officer, which is one of the four unfilled positions on our board.  In addition, the other unfilled positions on the board, Sponsorship Officer, Fundraising Officer, and Tournament Director, are critical positions for bringing revenue to operate the league and maintain and upgrade Lions Park.

You don’t need to be an expert in baseball or softball to serve on the ZLL Board.  If you believe in the values community based sports programs can offer to children, and you want to help shape how those programs are developed and operated, you are more than qualified to serve.  If you enjoy contributing your time to community activities, you will be like all the other men and women who comprise the ZLL Board.  If you have ideas or thoughts about how to improve our program, then we urge you to volunteer to serve on the Board.

If you are interested in serving on the Board, please contact Bernie Paul, ZLL information officer at news@zionsvillelittleleague.org.

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