2016 Rookie Softball Evaluations Schedule

February 11, 2016 Comments Off on 2016 Rookie Softball Evaluations Schedule
2016 Rookie Softball Evaluations Schedule

Evaluations for the 2016 Spring Rookie Softball division will be held on Saturday February 27th at Zionsville Middle School from 3 pm to 6 pm.  We will be holding 3 separate 1-hour evaluation sessions (3-4 pm, 4-5 pm, and 5-6 pm).  Your child needs to attend one of these three sessions.

Any changes to this schedule (eg., because of adverse weather) will be announced on the ZLL web site, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.  The ZLL Calendar will be updated with any changes.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the session you choose to allow time to register at the table.

You must bring the following documents to the evaluation (if you have not already submitted them electronically to Ashley Alexander – playeragent@zionsvillelittleleague.org)

  1. An original birth certificate this document MUST be present, no emailed certificates accepted.
  2. Little League Medical release form (may be emailed to Player Agent)
  3. Proof of residency within the ZLL/ZCS boundaries (see below)

Proof of residency documents accepted:  Please provide one of the following three types of proof of residency (not all three).  #1 is the preferred proof of residency.

  1. A completed Little League International School Verification form signed by the player’s school administrator for a ZCS school or a school within the ZCS boundaries.  If you complete the top section of the form and the name of the school in Section 2 of the form and bring the form to evaluations, ZLL will arrange with ZCS to complete the remainder of the form, including obtaining the administrator signature.  **PLEASE NOTE: The District and the Local League will maintain this form and supporting documentation in their files. Completion of this form is only required ONCE during a participant’s career, unless the school enrollment changes.  As an example, if you present a completed school verification form when your child is in first grade at Pleasant View, you will not have to present proof of residency in subsequent Little League seasons until your child moves up to Zionsville Middle School.**
  2. A printed school report card showing student name and school within ZCS boundaries (grades may be redacted)  This form of proof is valid for only one Little League year, and a new form of proof must be presented to the league the following year.
  3. Three of the following items that show an address within the ZCS boundaries  This form of proof is valid for only one Little League year, and a new form of proof must be presented to the league the following year:
  • Parent driver’s license
  • Vehicle registration
  • Utility bill
  • Bank/financial account statement

Players should wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes (not cleats), and bring their gloves, bats, and helmets if they have them (we’ll have gear available if you are missing any).

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