2015 Home Run Recognition

June 12, 2015 Comments Off on 2015 Home Run Recognition
2015 Home Run Recognition

There are few things in baseball more exciting than a home run, and in Little League it is even more exciting because it happens so infrequently that it is really quite a feat.

Through June 12, the following ZLL players have hit home runs.  Inside the park home runs are included – because they are just as fun!

Challenger Softball

  • Cole Rubendall (inside the park)
  • Madie Best (inside the park)
  • Jeff Chamberlain (inside the park)
  • Kyle Kelly (inside the park)

Majors softball

  • Nicole Gruesser, Hoosiers (inside the park)
  • Lexi Puckett, Crush (2) (both inside the park)
  • Sofia Southard, Hawkeyes (inside the park grand slam)
  • Sophie Theobald, Bulldogs (inside the park)
  • Sydney Webber, Hawkeyes (inside the park)

Majors baseball

  • Caleb Bender, Giants (2) (both over the fence)
  • Billy Busse, Red Sox (over the fence)
  • Nick Chisholm, Red Sox (2) (both over the fence)
  • Cody Copeland, Yankees (over the fence)
  • Sam Darge, Yankees (4) (all over the fence)
  • Drew Gillespie, A’s (over the fence)
  • Alyx Johnson, A’s (over the fence)
  • Elijah Meals, A’s (over the fence)
  • Max Miles, Astros (2) (one over the fence, one inside the park)
  • Michael Narva, Dodgers (inside the park)
  • Jim Rasche, Dodgers (3) (two over the fence, one inside the park)
  • Anthony Rey, Astros (over the fence)
  • AJ Rinebold, Astros (inside the park)
  • Spencer Twitchell, Red Sox (2) (both over the fence)

Minors Softball

  • Marley Sharpe, Lady Orange (2) (both inside the park)
  • Dakota Young, Lady Orange (inside the park)

AAA Baseball

  • Lincoln Belser, Rockies (2) (both inside the park)
  • Chase Golden, Rockies (inside the park)
  • TJ Robinson, Rangers (inside the park)
  • Henry Russom, Rockies (inside the park)
  • Alex Walters, Pirates (inside the park)
  • Dax Woodfork, Twins (inside the park)

Rookie 8 Baseball

  • Sam Haak, Bulls (inside the park)
  • Jack Virkus, Timber Rattlers (over the fence)
  • Peter Ward, Timber Rattlers (inside the park)
  • Ryder Weisenbach, Bulls (inside the park)
  • Sky Wrightson, Timber Rattlers (2) (one inside the park, one over the fence)

Rookie 6/7 Baseball

  • Adam Kruger, Sea Dogs (inside the park)

Showcase Baseball

  • Matthew Moore, 12U (5)  (over the fence)

All-Star Baseball

  • Bill Busse, 12U (over the fence)
  • Sam Darge, 12U (3) (over the fence, one a grand slam)
  • Elijah Meals, 10U (2) (over the fence, both in the same inning)
  • Andrew Paul, 12U (over the fence)

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