Little League Activities at Lions’ Park Postponed Indefinitely

April 19, 2013 Comments Off on Little League Activities at Lions’ Park Postponed Indefinitely
Little League Activities at Lions’ Park Postponed Indefinitely

Most of you have heard by now that Lions’ Park is under several feet of water.  At one point this morning, there was as much as 8-10 feet of water in some places.  Zionsville has not experienced flooding like this in more than 50 years.

As a result of the flooding, we are postponing all Little League activities at Lions’ Park indefinitely.  Until we can safely get into the park to assess the damage, it is impossible to even guess how long the cleaning and restoration process will take.  When the water levels have subsided and we can access the park with local officials, we’ll have a better understanding of the damage and what it will take to resume playing baseball and softball again.

We fully intend to hold Opening Night/Day ceremonies as soon as we can.  This is an important tradition for our league and in light of the circumstances, we believe it is essential to demonstrate to the nearly 800 kids playing in ZLL that our community is strong and can respond to setback like this.

Before we can have Opening Night/Day, the park will have to be cleaned up and the fields restored.  It’s going to take a lot of work, and we will be counting on all the ZLL families to chip in however they can.  This is another important lesson for our kids – let’s show our kids that when disaster strikes everyone helps out.  After we assess the damage, we’ll communicate to you the options for helping with the cleanup and restoration.  The core strength of our league is the volunteerism of our families, and we will need to call on that strength in the coming days.

Team and individual pictures, which normally would have occurred this weekend are tentatively postponed to several days extending from April 27 through May 2.  More details on this will follow.

There are still families who need to pick up uniform items, and we’ll develop a plan for that and communicate it to you.

As to the fundraising campaign, everything will be moved back a week.  So, the effort will end on April 26/27 and delivery will occur during the week of May 19.  Please try to get your individual materials to your coaches this week and he or she will turn them in next weekend.  ZLL will put out another email this week to further detail retrieval of the teams’ materials from the coach/team parent.

There are many other elements of running our league for which we need to communicate.  Please understand that we are working as quickly as we can to make new plans and communicate them to you.  As always, we will use our electronic media to share information with you.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of ZLL.  We are looking forward to our new Opening Night/Day, and playing ball again.

Zionsville Little League Board of Directors

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