Uniform items and Spirit Wear now on sale

March 2, 2013 Comments Off on Uniform items and Spirit Wear now on sale
Uniform items and Spirit Wear now on sale

Support ZLL Through Uniform and Spirit Wear Sales

You can now complete your kids’ uniforms with belts, socks, visors, etc, and pick up some Zionsville Little League Spirit Wear online through ZLL’s uniform partner Em-Roe Sporting Goods. When you make your purchase through Em-Roe, you help ZLL earn money, as part of the sales are returned to ZLL.

The Spirit Wear selection this year is outstanding – we’d love to see parents and siblings outfitted in their ZLL gear at the ball park.

Now until March 20, you can purchase uniform items and ZLL Spirit Wear at competitive prices at https://emroe.tuosystems.com/stores/zionsvillelittleleague.

Baseball Uniform Information

ZLL provides each recreation league baseball player with a major league baseball insignia shirt and cap.  Families must provide pants, belts, and socks that match team colors.  These items can be purchased through the ZLL/Em-Roe website.  A list of  teams and the matching uniforms items is provided at the bottom of this page:

Softball Uniform Information

ZLL provides each recreation league softball player with a uniform shirt and socks.  Families must provide their own shorts or softball pants.  Other uniform items such as visors and knee pads are optional, but recommended.  Softball pants, visors and knee pads can be purchased through the ZLL/Em-Roe website.

If you have questions about uniform items, contact your team manager.  If you have questions about Spirit Wear, contact Carrie Barnes, ZLL Uniform Officer.

Teams and uniform colors

League Coach Team Pant Color Belt & Socks Color
50/70 Bender White Sox White Black
  DaPuzzo Reds White Red
  Johnson Yankees Gray Navy
  Kenyon Cubs Gray Royal
Majors Everson Cardinals Gray Navy
  Behrens Brewers White Navy
  Carney Dodgers Gray Royal
  Eugenio Giants White Orange
  Pinegar Athletics White Gold
  Cooper Red Sox Gray Red
  Harmon Orioles White Orange
AAA Beyer Phillies Gray Royal
  Chisholm Twins Gray Red
  Busse Rockies Gray Purple
  Morris Marlins Gray Teal
  Price Royals Gray Royal
  Stanczykiewicz Blue Jays White Red
AA McAfee Tigers Gray Orange
  Davis Braves White Red
  Price Pirates White Gold
  Rinebold Dbacks Gray Brick
  Spolyar Mets Gray Orange
  Thurman Rays White Navy
  Irk Nationals White Navy
  McKinney Rangers White Red
8’s Wagner Phillies Gray Royal
  Jay Baker Twins Gray Navy
  Kelley Orioles Gray Orange
  Huber White Sox White Black
  Dew Angels White Red
  Holdsworth Rays White Navy
  Jason Baker Indians White Red
  McInerney Blue Jays White Red
7 & 6’s Lile Tigers Gray Orange
  Kleindinst Braves White Red
  Kenworthy Pirates White Gold
  Lingerfeldt Dbacks Gray Brick
  Pederson Mets Gray Orange
  Essley Nationals White Navy
  Blakely Rangers White Red
  Bradford Mariners Gray Teal
  Pilcher Brewers White Navy
Snively Dodgers Gray Royal
Hall Marlins Gray Teal
Ambs Rockies Gray Purple

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