On-line survey now open until August 19

August 9, 2012 No Comments »

Now that the 2012 Little League season has wrapped up, the ZLL Board of Directors requests all parents to provide feedback about the season.

We have created an on-line survey, which you can reach at the link below, to collect your opinions about our league.

The survey is designed primarily to collect feedback about the team managers in our Recreation, Showcase, and All-Star programs. At the end of the survey, you will find an open-ended question that allows you to provide your opinions about any other aspect of our league. We welcome both positive and constructive feedback. We can only improve or change our programs if the parents in the league offer us their insights.

Each parent of a player may complete a survey, and you may complete a survey for each team manager your child played for. So if you had a son who played Rec league and Showcase, for example, Dad can complete a survey for each of the two managers, and Mom can complete a survey for each of the two managers. Further instructions are found at the beginning of the survey.

If you run into any problems with the survey or have other feedback or questions, please contact Randy Judd, ZLL Player Agent at randy@bonedryroofing.com or Greg Williams, ZLL President at gregwilliam@gmail.com.

Please complete the survey no later than Sunday August 19th.


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