ZLL to offer new baseball division in 2013: 50/70 baseball for boys 11-13

July 26, 2012 No Comments »

Beginning with the 2013 baseball season, Zionsville Little League will offer to qualified boys ages 11 through 13 the opportunity to play in a more challenging recreational baseball division.  In the new 50/70 program [named after the 50 foot pitching distance and 70 foot base paths] the boys will play under rules and field dimensions that provide a stepping stone to higher level baseball programs such as middle school/high school baseball and Little League’s own Junior/Senior divisions.  The 50/70 division will play under what are called “Modified High School Rules” that allow runners to take lead offs and steal bases, and pitchers to pick off runners.

The transition from traditional Little League distances of 46/60 to older age group 60/90 distances is often a difficult challenge for many boys and discourages them from continuing to play baseball as they get older.  The ZLL Board is endorsing this new arrangement to encourage boys to play baseball longer and to provide an easier transition for boys who wish to play baseball at a higher level.  ZLL experimented with this format this year in our Majors Division where teams played a doubleheader at the longer distance and under the Modified High School Rules.  The players performed very well at the longer distances and quickly adjusted to the new rules.  More importantly, the boys had an incredible amount of fun with the more liberal stealing and pickoff rules.   We are still working out the details for implementing this program.

Please contact Steve Connor at 250-6706 if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.

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